From 95KG to 65KG- The Lessons from my Weight Loss Transformation

Fight with the mind and you will win your battles.

They told me I could not lose the weight, I ignored their opinions and told them to watch me.

Train the mind and the mind will train the body. If you only exercise the body, weight loss will be temporary, but if you exercise and retrain your mindset, you will ultimately find it impossible to put on weight.

As I began my weight loss journey, I felt I have become a warrior.​ As a warrior, I must live a life of passion and​ have respect for my mind and spirit, as well as my​ body, just as I have respect for other people. Wherever I go, I go as a warrior. I am a warrior in the gym, a warrior at home, a workday warrior, weekend warrior and a ruthless warrior in pursuit of love and happiness.​

The journey of physical transformation begins with a mental​ renovation.​ Negative thoughts and beliefs are emotional baggages that weighed me​ down. I dismantled​ and rebuilt it to modern mantras that empower myself to ‘think healthy’. If I ‘think toxic’, then pernicious thoughts will harm my choices, actions, reactions and life habits. I realised I​ cannot win a weight loss battle with a defeated mind. I had to take courage by training my mind​ to align with my body goals. I became my best warrior to win the battle within. My friends asked me- “how do you cope?” I told them it’s the power of the mind fine tuning the body.​

I turned myself into a weight loss fighter,​ I learnt how to react and control my reactions towards food, as well as stress and my day’s activities. Today’s world is full of toxic people, toxic environment and toxic food. As I won in my weight loss journey, I tried to win in these regards too. I began to make​ healthy choices towards a healthier mind and body.​

I learned to listen to my body. I did not allow others​ to dictate the course of my action without listening to my own body, during my diets and exercises.​

I realised how strong I had become​ through small private victories that eventually led to overcoming great challenges.

As I began to love my body, my body began to love me back greatly.

My weight loss journey is not fighting against fat but for fitness.​ I fought​ temptation,​ low self-esteem, bad habits, addictions, pride. I won the battle from within, my body rewarded me with more energy, vitality, vigour,​ beauty, better health and mindset.​

As I became the best version of myself, everything began to align for me. I conquered my demons.​

I learnt that this body is mine. Only me can control it. No one can run it for me, except I run it from my mind. I never doubted for a second in my ability to achieve a sustainable weight loss.

I was determined and positive to achieve my desired body. The day I realised that I didn’t deserve that overweight body I carried, I made up my mind to let it go.​ I stopped procrastination, I became proactive and active. I started using the meal plan and exercised.​ I was realistic and stayed true to myself, understanding that it is a process, not a magic!

I was patient with myself as this was a commitment I made to myself.

Discipline, perseverance, determination, positive mindset, self control are not the enemies of weight loss, they are the answers. When I began my weight loss journey, I realised I had all these within me, I harnessed them and utilised them for my benefits. I followed them, I transformed to a healthier and happier me.​

No one fails for trying again.​

Weight loss taught me to embrace the warrior within me.​

You can also be a warrior. Please sign up for your 30 minutes Free Breakthrough Support Session to get started in your own body and mind transformation.

These lessons and more first hand experiences are all in the eBook- From Fat to the Streets. Simply download it to read my story and be inspired.

Welcome to our community.

Together we can.

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  • Amaka
    Posted June 12, 2019 6:49 pm 0Likes

    I’m signing up for this right now! Can’t wait to lose this weight.

    • Chitabelo
      Posted June 12, 2019 6:56 pm 0Likes

      Way to go Amaka! Welcome to our community! Together we can.

  • Emmanuel JAJA
    Posted June 13, 2019 1:13 am 0Likes

    Arnold Schwarzenegger said “Everything is impossible until somebody does it”. This means that impossibility is nothing and you proved that to those who thought you couldn’t do it.

    • Chitabelo
      Posted June 13, 2019 7:18 am 2Likes

      That’s right Jaja. Nice quote. Thanks for sharing. Welcome to our community. Impossible is nothing.

  • Zinny
    Posted June 13, 2019 7:06 am 0Likes

    This is good. Impossible is nothing.

    • Chitabelo
      Posted June 13, 2019 7:18 am 0Likes

      Yes Zinny. Thanks so much. Welcome to our community!

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