From Fats to the Streets

My transformation is from being overweight, unhappy and unhealthy to being strong, confident and full of life.

Before meets After

This is why I bring to you the gift​ of From Fat to the Streets! This is where I share with you my processes and the amazing results achieved, to inspire and give you hope as we journey together to conquer being overweight and becoming daily a better version of ourselves!

Transformation zone

Welcome on board as I help you get your body in shape, as well as your mind; to align with the better version of yourself. Everyone is on their own unique health and fitness journey and I love to encourage and guide you along the way.

I got a lot of inquiries on how I managed to lose a lot of weight, I kept answering each of them, I realized that I could not give a complete answer, From Fat to the Streets touches every aspect of my journey, the challenges, the lessons, the effective and sustainable results!

The sustainable weight loss formula that worked for me

If Chitabelo did it, you too can do it! Read and be inspired!

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