Weight loss for me means making a commitment to be a better version of yourself. It takes away the fear of “I CANNOT” to the mindset of “I CAN HAVE THE BODY OF MY DREAMS”.

I realized that all the insecurities I felt in my body were the insecurities I allowed to exist. Once, I took charge of myself, I lost the insecurities. They traveled to an unknown place and never returned.

The change I wanted to see in my body started from the mind. Imagine looking at the mirror and seeing yourself transform into the body you deserve. The process must first be conceived in the mind, internalized and work begins with an action plan which will bring results. It’s not enough to say: “I want to lose weight and be fit”, and still follow the unhealthy patterns, my hope for you is to be daily; a better version of yourself.

Today, decide to eat healthier, engage in physical activities, you can start with baby steps like taking a walk, take the stairs instead of the elevators. Drink more water and take fruits.

Let this journey begin “From Fats to the Streets“.

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