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I offer​ free 30 minute Weight Loss Breakthrough sessions for 30 days to help you lose weight, gain energy and reach your weight-related goals through what you eat.

During these sessions you will:

  • Choose to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Create a crystal clear vision for the life you will live in your slimmer, lighter body with more energy.
  • Uncover hidden food and lifestyle challenges that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts and destroying your energy.
  • Accountability sessions and meal plan to suit you.
  • Leave our sessions renewed, inspired and ready to lose the weight and gain the energy you need to become a better version of yourself.

If you would like to apply for a breakthrough session, fill out the application here.

If your weight-related goals align with what I have planned, I will contact you within 1 week.


First name, Middle name and Last name
Your current weight in kilogrammes (kg)
List of meals you like. Comma-separated values (e.g. Bread, Beans, Rice, e.t.c)
List of drinks you like. Comma-separated values (e.g. Juice, Beer, Wine, e.t.c)
List of fruits you like. Comma-separated values (e.g. Banana, Mango, Orange, e.t.c)
List of snacks you like. Comma-separated values (e.g. Biscuits, Chocolate, Cake, e.t.c)
Your desired weight in kilogrammes (kg)
How soon do you want to achieve your desired weight goal?

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