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It’s no secret that weekends and holidays mean fun, relaxation, family, friends, food and drinks. For many, these temptations are no big deals at all but if you’ve been working hard to maintain a low- carb or healthy diet, weekends and holidays can knock you off track. It can bring back cravings and not-so- healthy eating habits that are not easy to overcome once again!

Hey, the good news is that you can still eat your delicious meals but you will need a strategy so you won’t fall off track again. At Chitabelo, we offer a one-on -one nutrition coaching support, exercise regimens, accountability and support sessions to help you achieve a sustainable weight loss transformation. 

We will make sure your meals comprise of the meals you love to keep you on track during the weekends, holidays and beyond. 
Want to get started today? You don’t have to struggle with weight loss alone, you can sign up here or click https://www.chitabelo.com/services/my-support-for-you/ to complete an initial comprehensive, simple, health and habit questionnaire and we will contact you.

At Chitabelo, our clients report incredible weight loss results with the majority losing 5KG or more in 30 days. Sign up today to get started with the Free 30 minutes Breakthrough Support Session and 30 days Session at an affordable cost. 

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